Softsolv Inc

Softsolv’s senior level consulting staff specializes in providing cutting edge solutions to client problems in a cost-effective manner. Softsolv offers information solutions to clients that help them remain competitive and increase bottom line results by accelerating their development cycle. Softsolv's consultants focus their efforts towards effectively applying today's advanced technologies to develop solutions that meet the new challenges thrown up everyday in a competitive business environment.

A partial list of services offered by Softsolv include;

Softsolv's rich and diverse experience covers various areas like design, development, implementation & support. Specifically Softsolv has lent its expertise in applications like order entry, banking, finance, GIS systems, health care, insurance, telecommunications and manufacturing. Over the years Softsolv has also provided varied services to its clients like on-site training, conversion, hardware knowledge, downsizing solutions, migration services from platform to platform, database tuning, back-up and recovery planning and developing standard applications for a complete portfolio of productivity tools. Softsolv professionals have several hundred man-years of experience working with our clients/business partners to optimize the information resources of your organizations starting from client/server technologies to enterprise wide re-engineering to network management to emerging technologies in the areas of Internet and Intranet